About us

“Paris Travel & Fun” is your personal guide to Paris, with unusual tours around the city, interesting new activities and eye-opening discoveries to fully enjoy your Parisian experience.

About the project

Welcome to Paris!
Paris is one the most famous travel destinations in the world. Having fun while seeing the major tourist sites is one thing, but walking away from the beaten path – to see and feel an authentic Paris, is quite another. We encourage you to discover the “art de vivre à la française” where inspiration and new ideas will open themselves up to you.

Together we will make your stay in Paris unforgettable by showing you places hidden from the average crowd. Our activities and great eye-opening tours will be sure to stimulate all five senses, making your experience in Paris extraordinary.

Our own personal experience and appreciation, along with that of native Parisians inspired us to design several thematic programs for your trip to Paris. All of what this great city has to offer along the lines of art, architecture, design, fashion and gastronomy will be sure to inspire you and make your experience here truly exceptional. Our tours are not about theoretical knowledge as in most classical guided tours. They are all about tasting, smelling, feeling and discovering. By daring to step off of the path, you will discover another, but very authentic, side of Paris.

Who are we, Paris Travel&Fun?Anna Barroin5

Imagine having old friends living in Paris ready to welcome you. As your host, our philosophy is to make you feel as though you are a part of the city, not just a tourist.

Anna is the project leader. French of Russian origin, she divides her time between Russia and France, and shares her role as mother with that of a travel-designer. With 15 years of experience in marketing, luxury business and the art world, she has carefully documented the precious moments of her life, travels and passions. Along with her love of France, she enjoys fencing and painting. She moves around city photographing its fine details as inspiration for art work and trip ideas. Anna's virtual art gallery.

A team of talented guides and motivated Parisians is here to transform its creative ideas into unusual trips for its guests.

To become our guest

There are three ways to become our guest:

For the city tours we will fix the date, time and number of guests. For the customized tours you will be asked to fill out a form providing us with essential information to create your own custom-made program during your entire time in Paris. Each of the proposals will then be discussed and organized. No two tours are alike.

We do not provide visa and airplane ticket services but we serve your "main course" - your delicious vacations in Paris with great pleasure and passion.